PRIVACY POLICY regarding users

Revision of April 01, 2020
This Privacy Policy describes how Technopoisk LLC, a legal entity registered in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as “Technopoisk”, “we”) receives, processes, stores and transfers information collected or provided by you during the use of the Site, Applications, Services (as defined in the User Agreement). This Privacy Policy also explains your rights regarding the use of your personal data, as well as how you can contact us to make changes to your personal data, make any request or receive answers to questions that you may have regarding our practices in the use of personal data.

Use of the Site, Application, Services is subject to this Privacy Policy. Using the Site, Application, Services, you agree to the collection, processing, use and transfer of information about you, including personal data, to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with this Privacy Policy for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Please carefully read the provisions of this Policy, and if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail, below. You may agree to any terms and conditions set forth in this document, and you must obtain your own free and unequivocal consent to use your personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The provisions of this Privacy Policy are subject to change in the future. Each time we make changes to the Privacy Policy, we publish a new version on this page and indicate the date of the new edition.
Personal Data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a defined or determined individual (to the User, as the subject of personal data).
Non-Personal Data - information and information that in itself does not allow directly identifying a specific person (User).
Sensitive Data Categories - Personal Data of a person relating to him: (a) race, nationality; (b) political views, religious or philosophical beliefs; (c) criminal conviction; (d) health, sexual life, and orientation; and (e) biometric or genetic data.
Depersonalization of Personal Data / Depersonalization - actions that make it impossible without the use of additional information to determine the ownership of Personal Data to a specific subject of personal data (User).
Personal Data Processing / Processing - any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) with Personal Data committed with or without automation tools.
Law - laws and regulations in the field of personal data protection in force on the territory of the Russian Federation, in particular, but not exclusively, Federal Law “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ.
Cookies / Cookie files are small files that the Site, network software services or service providers place on the device via a web browser (if allowed by the user), which allows the Site or service provider to recognize your browser and store and remember certain information.

Other general terms used in this Privacy Policy, which are not defined in this Policy, have the meaning defined in the User Agreement.
1.1. When you use the Services, the Site, the Application and / or interact with them, We may collect and process information received from you and about you. This information may include Personal Data. The scope of such information and our possible actions regarding it are defined below.
1.2. If possible, we indicate whether it is necessary and for what purpose the provision of your Personal Data is required, as well as the consequences of not providing it.
1.3. When using the Site, Application, Services, Technopoisk may collect the following categories of Personal Data:
  • data provided by the User (for example, during registration);
  • data generated by using the Services;
  • information obtained automatically due to the interaction of the User with the Site, Application, use of the Services;
  • data obtained from other sources.
1.4. The data provided by the User include:
  • full name;
  • phone number;
  • email address;
  • payment and banking information (including bank card information);
  • any data that is transmitted by the User when contacting the support service of the Service;
  • user content (ratings, reviews, other information that is published by the User on his own initiative).
1.5. Data generated by using the Services includes:
  • User geolocation, travel time, travel route (if allowed in the settings of the User’s mobile device);
  • information on the type of service ordered, information on payment for such a service, including information on the bank card of the User (passenger).
1.6.The information received automatically due to the interaction of the User with the Site, Application, use of the Services includes:
  • information about the User’s device (brand and model of the device, unique identifiers, advertising identifiers, operating system and its version, browser, time of use of the Site / Application, data on the movement of the device);
  • information about the use of the Site, Applications (information about the date and time of the User’s login, the functions used by him, information about pages viewed, malfunctions of the Site / Application and other system elements).
  • data on the communication of the User and the Carrier (data on calls, messages and other communications, including their date, time and content).
Part of the data specified in this paragraph, we can receive using cookies and similar technologies. The principles of their work and the procedure for their use by us are described in section 2 of this Policy.
1.7. Data obtained from other sources may include:
  • data provided by Users participating in our promotions, surveys;
  • data of third parties obtained in the course of carrying out promotions (for example, personal data of the person who used the invitation link from our User in the referral program);
  • data of Users and third parties who provide information in the framework of proceedings, appeals and disputes;
  • marketing data received from marketing service providers;
  • data from publicly available sources.
1.8. We ask you not to give us Personal Data that is intended for a limited circle of persons or Data that falls under the definition of Sensitive Data Categories. If you decide to provide us with any information (including Personal Data) through our feedback forms and / or through other channels, you voluntarily give us your consent to the processing of this Data.
1.1. Like many other companies, Technopoisk and its partners (for example, third parties who are our service providers, advertising and marketing partners, etc.) can use cookies, pixels and other similar technologies when you use the Site , Application, Services.
1.2. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on the device to help websites, network software services and applications remember certain information about you. Other technologies, including device-related identifiers (blank / invisible gifs, web beacons, etc.) can be used for similar purposes.
1.3. Log files. When you use the Site, Application, Service, our servers automatically record information sent by your browser (“Log files”). These log files may contain information such as your IP address, browser type, language settings, the web pages you visit, the search queries you use, and information about the advertising links that you clicked on. We use this information to analyze trends and further improve the site, to administer the site, to study the behavior of site users and to collect demographic information about our users as a whole. We may use this information for our marketing and advertising purposes.
1.4. Web Beacons and Third Party Plugins. We may post third-party content on the Site and in the Application, including advertisements. Third-party content may contain cookies, web beacons or other mechanisms for receiving data while you view third-party content posted on the Site or in the Application. Information collected through web beacons and plugins of third parties is collected directly by these third parties, and not by our company. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policies of such third parties for more information.
1.5. Cookies can be used for many important things - for example, to help you log in to your Account, to improve your experience of using our Site, Application, Service. We may use these categories of cookies for the following purposes:
  1. Necessary - we use these cookies to operate the Site, the Application as a whole and to identify and prevent security risks. This type of cookie is necessary to provide you with Services. They help us show you offers and functions that correspond to the data of your Account, travel history, protect your Account from unauthorized access. If you configure your browser to block these cookies, such functions will not be available to you. Services may not be provided in full.
  2. Preferences and settings - we use these cookies to remember your settings, so that you get a more personalized experience when using our Site, Application. For example, we may use these cookies to remember your language settings.
  3. Operational - we use these cookies to collect information about how you use the Site, Application, Services and your experience in using them. For example, we can use these cookies to find out more about which features are most popular among our users and which ones need to be improved. We may also use third-party cookies to help with these features. For example, cookie analytics allows us to receive information about transitions between pages and sections.
  4. Advertising - used to display relevant advertisements, track the progress and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For example, we and our advertising partners may use the information obtained from these cookies to display advertisements that may interest you on other websites. Similarly, our partners may use cookies or other similar technologies to determine whether we have shown an advertisement and how it was displayed, or to provide us with information about how you reacted to the advertisement.
1.6. To learn more about cookies, including which cookies you have installed, you can visit the following websites: or http://www.allaboutcookies. org/.
1.7. You have the right to choose to accept or refuse cookies. However, they are an important element of the work of our Services, therefore, if you decide to refuse or delete cookies, this may affect the availability and functionality of the Site, Application, and Services.
1.8. Most internet browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you wish, you can usually set your browser to delete or reject cookies. To do this, you need to follow the instructions given in your browser, which are usually located in the Help or Settings menu. Some third parties also provide the opportunity to refuse their cookies by simply clicking on the link to refuse to accept them.
1.9. The operating system on your mobile device may also allow you to refuse to use certain device identifiers to display targeted advertising based on your interests. To do this, you need to read the instructions of the manufacturer of the mobile device; this information is usually available in the "settings" section of your mobile device.
1.1. The collection and processing of Personal Data is carried out by us only when we have legal grounds for this. In particular, Personal Data may be used to provide access to our Services, in the legitimate interests of Technopoisk and third parties, to fulfill our legal obligations or with the consent of Users.
1.2. 3A prerequisite for the use of our Services and of the functions is the provision of the User’s consent to the processing of his Personal Data.
1.3. We may use the information (including Personal Data) that we received in the manner described in the previous sections, as follows:
  1. In order to provide access to the Services - we can use the Data provided by the User during Registration in order to create his personal Account; use of the Service (in particular, for ordering Carrier services using the Service); collection and systematization of travel data necessary for the settlement of disputes, claims; the ability to track the progress of the trip; to pay for the services of Carriers using the Application and processing these payments; to protect and secure your Account;to respond to User requests to Technopoisk support service; personalization of the use of the Services (for example, saving selected addresses); for internal operations necessary for the provision of services - technical support, maintenance, error correction; to ensure communication between the User and the Driver (confirming or changing the place of car delivery, informing about a forgotten thing, etc.).
  2. Security of the Service. Protection of our interests - we can use your Personal Data if we consider it necessary to take measures to prevent the possible occurrence of responsibility; to carry out investigations and protect Technopoisk, Users, Carriers from any claims or allegations of third parties; investigation and protection against cases of fraud; safety and integrity of the Site, Application, Services;protection of the rights and property of Technopoisk, Users, Carriers and third parties; analysis of Carrier services and termination of cooperation with persons violating our internal rules and standards; blocking Users which violate the terms of the User Agreement.
  3. User Support - if the User has contacted us using our contact forms / email / phone, we can process the information (including Personal Data) that the User has provided to us in order to answer his question, complaint, request or other message , as well as with the aim of improving the quality of our Services and correcting errors and malfunctions in their work.
  4. Analytics and improvement of the quality of the Services - we can collect data on the activity and actions of Users. Usually this information is aggregated (so identification of the end user is impossible) and we use it to provide our Users with the most interesting information for them and to understand what parts and functions of the Site, Applications are most interested in Users. In addition, we can use the information received from you (including information obtained through cookies and similar technologies) in order to personalize your experience using the Site, Application, Service and providing us with offers on services and content in which you are more interested; to improve our Services; to administer the Site, Application and diagnose possible problems; for statistical and analytical purposes.
  5. Communication with Users - we can use your Data to generate and send receipts, inform about changes in the conditions of use of the Site, Application, Service, as well as to send other messages not related to the advertising of any products and services.
  6. Advertising and marketing - we can use your data for marketing purposes. For example, by subscribing to our newsletter, you can receive information about Services, services, functions, promotions, sweepstakes, studies, surveys, news, updates and events directly to your e-mail. We may send you promotional materials relating to our site and / or our services, solutions or services of our partners (which, in our opinion, may interest you). In some of our emails, pop-ups, banners and other promotional materials, we may use the URL to follow a link linked to the content posted on the site. When users click on one of these URLs, they go through a separate web server before they get to the landing page on the Site. We track information about such transitions to determine which topics are of interest to users and determine the effectiveness of our communications. If you do not want your actions to be tracked in this way, do not click on text or image links in emails. Pixel tags allow us to send emails in a format that allows the end user to read them, in addition, they allow us to understand whether the email was opened. We may use this information to reduce the number of emails we send or to stop such mailings. You can refuse to receive our advertising or marketing emails (in whole or in part) by clicking on the “unsubscribe” / “unsubscribe from the newsletter” link in the emails you receive from us. In addition, to cancel your subscription, you can contact us at any time by sending us a message to the email address specified in this Privacy Policy.We can also use the Information obtained through Log-files, Cookies and similar technologies for conducting marketing research, for analyzing the characteristics of visitors and users, evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing communications, for planning our future marketing campaigns, business analytics, personalization services and communications of you, targeting our advertising.
  7. Compliance with the requirements of the Law - we can also use / disclose your Personal Data to comply with the requirements of the Law, industry standards and our policy. We may disclose your Personal Data in situations that, in our opinion: are emergency situations associated with a potential threat to the physical security of any person or property, if we believe that the information about you is in any way connected with such a threat; (2) are associated with the illegal, illegal, improper, in our opinion, use of the Site, Application, Service. In addition, Technopoisk has the right to transfer personal data to the bodies of inquiry and investigation, other authorized bodies on the grounds stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The User’s Personal Data may also be processed (and transmitted, if necessary) upon detection and investigation of suspicious payments, in order to detect possible suspicious actions.
1.4. You can refuse / withdraw your consent to the use of your Personal Data (in whole or in part)
for the above purposes at any time by stopping using the Site, Application, Services and / or unsubscribing from our newsletter and / or contacting us at the email address indicated in this Privacy Policy (unless we may collect and process such information based on our legitimate interest to the extent permitted by law). At the same time, certain functions of the Service or the service itself as a whole may become unavailable to you in this case.
4.1. Processing of Personal Data is carried out with the consent of Users (subjects of personal data), unless otherwise provided by the Law.
4.2. A user which has given his consent to the collection and processing of Personal Data may withdraw it at any time, but in this case he will lose access to the services and functions for which such Data is needed.
4.3. The processing of personal data is carried out through Technoposk based on the following principles:
  • legality and fair basis;
  • restrictions on the processing of Personal Data by processing purposes and to prevent processing with purposes incompatible with predetermined purposes
  • compliance of the content and volume of the processed Personal Data with the stated processing goals;
  • preventing the processing of Personal Data that is excessive in relation to the declared purposes of their processing;
  • ensuring the accuracy, sufficiency and relevance of Personal Data in relation to the purposes of processing;
  • obligatory destruction or depersonalization of Personal Data upon achievement of the purposes of their processing or in case of loss of need to achieve these goals, if it is impossible to eliminate the violations in the processing of Personal Data, unless otherwise provided by the Law.
4.4. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your Personal Data to unauthorized persons. Technopoisk is obliged to receive and process only those Data that are necessary to achieve the goals of their processing.
4.5. If we combine Non-Personal Data with Personal Data, then such combined data will be considered by us as Personal Data.
1.1. The User agrees that his Personal Data may be transferred to third parties specified in this
section of the Policy, solely for the purpose of providing the User access to the Service. In addition, sometimes the User’s Personal Data may be transferred to Technopoisk branches, its subsidiaries (if any) and business partners if there are legal grounds for this or if it is necessary to satisfy claims and resolve disputes.
5.2. The User agrees that in certain cases not prohibited by the Law, if necessary, cross-border transmission of Data may be carried out. At the same time, the main database containing User Personal Data is located on servers located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
5.3. Cross-border transmission can be carried out only for processing certain categories, data fragments and occurs exclusively in the case of using the services of third-party providers, service providers whose servers are located outside the Russian Federation.
5.4. User Personal Data may be transferred to third parties specified in this Privacy Policy, in such cases:
  1. Related parties, partners and service providers. When ordering transportation services using the Service, the Carrier may be provided with the following information about you: name, phone number, rating, geolocation, information about your landing place and / or destination. In addition, after the provision of the transportation service, your name and phone number may remain visible to the Carrier in accordance with their Privacy Policy. This is necessary so that the Carriers can solve any problems associated with the provision of the service, for example, to communicate with the User if his personal belongings were forgotten in the car.In addition, your Personal Data may be available to our employees in order to provide access to the Site, Application, Services, and support. Our employees have limited access to Personal Data on the basis of the principle of "limited need" and they have contractual obligations to not disclose such information. We can also use third parties (managers, contractors, related parties, partners, suppliers, etc.) to carry out certain functions related to our economic activities or to provide any services. Such functions, for example, may include: data storage services, database maintenance services, analytic services, payment system services, legal and accounting services, insurance, marketing. When we engage such a third party to provide us with relevant services, we give him limited access exclusively to those Personal Data that is required to perform specific functions. We guarantee that each third party we engage will be bound by contractual obligations to maintain the confidentiality of such personal data, will take the necessary measures to protect such Personal Data and the possibility of using Personal Data by such a person will be limited solely for the purpose of providing us services with all the restrictions expressly provided for by the Law.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of the Law and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. We are obliged to cooperate with law enforcement and other government bodies or private individuals to comply with and comply with the requirements of the Law. To the extent that this is permitted or required by the Law, we may disclose any information received by us, law enforcement or other government bodies or persons, if, in our opinion, this is necessary for the investigation, response and defense regarding claims; if necessary in a lawsuit (including for subpoena); to protect the rights and property of the Company or third parties; to prevent possible liability; for public safety or the safety of individuals; in order to prevent or terminate any illegal, unethical, fraudulent, abusive and other activities that may lead to negative legal consequences; for the integrity and security of the Site and the Application, our Services and any equipment used in the work of the Site, Application, Service; to comply with applicable law. In addition, Technopoisk may transfer personal data to the bodies of inquiry and investigation, other authorized bodies on the grounds provided by the Law. If we are required by law to be required to disclose any of your Personal Data, we will make reasonable efforts to inform you of such a requirement for the disclosure of personal data, if such a notification is not prohibited by applicable law, other regulatory legal acts, judicial or administrative orders.
  3. Changing in ownership structure. We reserve the right to sell, transfer or otherwise distribute our assets partially or as a whole, including databases, including in connection with the merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets or other similar operations, or in case of insolvency or bankruptcy. You agree that such transactions may take place in the future and any person who becomes the new owner or assignee may continue to use your Personal Data as defined in this Privacy Policy. You will be able to delete your Personal Data in connection with such a transfer, if the specified person who replaces us plans to process your Personal Data in a manner that differs significantly from that defined in this Privacy Policy.
  4. With your consent or at your request. We may transfer information about you to third parties in cases not provided for by this Policy, if we have notified you of our intention to transmit such Data, and you have consented to it.
6.1. Technopoisk takes all the necessary technical and legal measures to ensure the appropriate level of protection of the processed Personal Data from unauthorized access by third parties, as well as accidental access, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution or other illegal actions of third parties.
6.2. If we collect Personal Data, we make every commercially reasonable effort to provide the necessary level of protection, as required by law. We can ensure the introduction of such measures using the services of third parties (for example, contractors).
6.3. Workers. We recruit people after a strict preliminary examination of their business reputation, verification of previous involvement in scandals and the like. Each employee must pass a trial period during which we test his skills, as well as his reliability, honesty, fitness for corporate culture, behavior for compliance with the law, etc. We restrict access to your Personal Data on a “limited need” basis. The employee gets access only to the information that he directly needs to perform his work. In addition, each employee has confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that remain valid even after the termination of employment between the employee and the company.
6.4. Training. To ensure that Personal Data is protected, we instruct our employees on the rules of confidentiality and security and strictly adhere to the confidentiality guarantees in the company. We conduct trainings with our employees on the following issues: security and data handling rules (including the requirements of the Law); we explain the reasons for the need to lock the computer when leaving the workplace, the prohibition of installing third-party software on work computers without the permission of the system administrator, the prohibition of storing data (in any form) in insecure places; prohibition to carry data carriers outside the office.
6.5. Access control. We take the physical, electronic and procedural measures generally accepted in the industry, designed to protect the Personal Data at our disposal from loss, misuse and unauthorized access. We take such security measures: access to a working computer exclusively with a password and login (which only the corresponding employee knows); access to the software, where Data may be available, only by the user ID and password of the employee.
6.6. Relations with contractors and service providers. In addition to the aforementioned security measures that we take in cooperation with service providers, we also select our contractors (subcontractors) based on the same principles on which we select employees. Contractors perform specific tasks. They delete all received Data after completing the job. They also sign non-disclosure agreements based on the same principles as our employees. They gain access only to those Data that they directly need to complete the task.
6.7. Technical security measures. We also take the following technical protective measures: organization of accounting, storage and circulation of Users and data carriers; identification of threats to the security of Personal Data during their processing and the formation of threat models; differentiation of user access to information resources and software and hardware information processing.
6.8.The security of your Personal Data is important to us, but remember that no method of transmission over the Internet or storage method is 100% secure. Although we strive to take the most effective measures to protect your Data, we can not guarantee that the Site, Application, Service are invulnerable and will not be subject to unauthorized access. We do not represent or warrant that the Site, Application, Service or Your Data is or will be absolutely protected from any viruses or other threats.
7.1. The User has the right to receive information regarding the processing of his Personal Data, including containing:
  • confirmation of the fact of processing Personal Data;
  • legal grounds and purposes of processing Personal Data;
  • goals and methods used for processing Personal Data;
  • name and location, information about persons (with the exception of Technopoisk employees) who have access to Personal Data or to whom personal data may be disclosed on the basis of an agreement with Technopoisk or on the basis of the Law;
  • processed User Personal Data, source of their receipt;
  • the processing time for Personal Data, including the storage period;
  • the procedure for the exercise by the User of his rights under the Law;
  • information on the completed or alleged cross-border transfer of Data;
  • the name or surname, name, patronymic and address of the person processing the Personal Data on behalf of Technopoisk, if processing is or will be entrusted to such a person;
  • other information provided by the Law.
7.2. You can also ask us to provide you access to your Data and give them a copy; change or update the details of your Account; delete it; and also prohibit the processing of your Personal Data. Please note that a complete prohibition of the processing of Personal Data will lead to the inability to use our Services.
7.3. In relation to his Personal Data, the User may also dispute illegal actions or omissions in relation to the processing of his Personal Data and seek compensation for damage caused by such actions or inaction; appoint representatives to protect their interests; protect your rights and legitimate interests in the field of personal data in accordance with data protection legislation.
7.4. However, please note that these rights are not absolute and may be somewhat limited by regulatory requirements and our legitimate interests.
7.5. In addition to the above rights, you also have the right to file complaints with the competent supervisory authorities in the manner prescribed by applicable law.
7.6. You also have the right to express your concern regarding our practices for using Personal Data. To exercise this right, you can send the corresponding request by e-mail specified in this Privacy Policy.
7.7. If you want to exercise any of the above rights or get additional information, please contact us by e-mail, which is indicated below in this Privacy Policy.
7.8. In order to respond to your request, we must identify your identity so that your Data is not provided to an unauthorized person. In this regard, we may ask you to provide additional information or confirmation.
7.9. Within seven days from the receipt of your request, I must provide you with information the actions taken in connection with your request. However, if necessary, the processing time of your request can be extended up to 30 days due to the complex nature of the request or the number of requests.
7.10. In the case that you find out that someone illegally provided us with your Personal Data, let us know as soon as possible by sending a message to our email address specified in this Privacy Policy. Upon your request, we will delete your Personal Data as soon as possible, in any case no later than one month from the date of receipt of your request. We will keep only such copies as may be necessary for us in order to comply with the requirements of the Law.
7.11. In the case of a breach of protection that leads to unauthorized access to Personal Data, we will inform you and the competent data protection authority about this incident as soon as possible, as soon as we become aware of such a breach, and we will make all necessary efforts to minimize damage and restore our security system. We can inform (inform) you of a violation in the following ways, which we will consider most appropriate: by email, by phone, in national news, on the Website, in the Application or in any other way that allows you to take the necessary steps to minimize possible harm and in the shortest possible time. Our notice does not constitute a plea of ​​guilt or liability for such a violation.
8.1. We store your Personal Data for the period when it is necessary to provide you access to the Site, Application, Service, to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve disputes and comply with the law. The storage period is determined taking into account the type of information collected (including personal data), and the purpose for which it was collected, depending on the situation and the need to remove obsolete, unnecessary information as soon as possible.
8.2. We make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the storage of your personal data does not exceed the terms necessary for the use of such data. After this period, we check them for further need. However, as noted above, we may delete your Personal Data at any time before the expiration of such a six-month period if such Personal Data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. We do not guarantee that your Personal Data will be available for a certain period. Please note that we are not obliged to inform you about the deletion of your Personal Data and we can do this at our discretion.
8.3. Personal Data from your Account will be stored as long as the Account is active. If the Account is deleted, closed, Personal Data will be deleted (in accordance with the rules set forth in this section) from the databases, unless such data should be stored for accounting, dispute resolution, fraud prevention or other purposes provided by law.
9.1.Disputes, claims, complaints related to the processing of Personal Data are resolved through the customer support service, which you can contact, at
9.2.The supervisor is the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, information technology and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) -
10.1. We may periodically make changes to this Policy. If the changes are significant, we can notify you of them through the Site, the Application or in other ways, for example by e-mail. To keep abreast of the latest changes, we recommend that you look at this page from time to time.
10.2. You can access the new version of the Privacy Policy from the very day when it comes into force. Using our Services after updating the Policy means your acceptance of the changes made to the extent permitted by law.